Monday, October 24, 2016

A special thank you ..

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      My mentors. My mother and father. Who introduced me at a very young age to the important's of wildlife.To respect them,give them space,and help them if in need. Nothing was ever turned down. With 6 kids,many a wild life in need for whatever reason showed up on my mothers doorstep. Mom look what I found! Oh how many times she heard a little voice say that over the years. And she always took it or them in.

       Those are memories I will cherish forever. My parents are now gone from our lives. But are still with us.They taught me well to never ignore a species of wildlife if it is in need. I have rescued many lives or been part of  rescue's. I have released them back to the wild. I have lost some lives that the wildlife rehabber's just could not help. But have learned to accept those losses with knowing they are no longer suffering. That life goes on.I have met some terrific people,have learned from them,have laughed with them and have mourned with them. We have searched together to find a mangy fox kit. Gained their trust for the capture day.Taken many a turtle to the Kawartha Turtle Trauma Center,and released most of them back to the wild. No words can describe how you feel to set a life free again. I am dedicating this site to my parents. For if it weren't for them I would not be doing what I do today. With this site I hope I can share my experiences with you and help you to understand the do's and dont's with wildlife sightings and most importantly,encounters you may have. Share my adventures and my experiences. And have supplied a few links to a few wildlife rehabilitation centers you may need to know about when you need help with an animal or bird. They are the ones to call when you need help. They are trained in wildlife issues.That's what they do. I would also like to thank my daughter Karen for setting this up for me. She always comes through for me. Not my thing this technical stuff. But she knows her stuff and although I probably drive her nuts getting it right. She comes through every time with something I love.

       So to all my wildlife friends who touch my life every day. Thank you. A life touched by mother natures children is a life that will never be alone.That will see things in a different light and pass that on to others.Will cherish every moment and who will live life to the fullest. Draw on the good energy and beauty mother nature has to offer and do our best to make it right. Life is good!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Three Pet Raccoons

For starters, I want to introduce you to 2 of our 3 pet raccoon's. Named,Smokey,Pokey and Fluffy. Held by my late brother Philip and my oldest sister Anne. We raised them from wee infants way back when. I was around 4 or 5 at the time. And they were one of my very first up close and personal encounters with wildlife. Very special little beings that we rescued and raised from before their eyes were even open. Something I will cherish forever. And something no way you dare do today. They lived the life of luxury and were very affectionate and comical. It was then, that I knew wildlife was going to be a big part of my life. Thanks to my parents who always made sure their doors were open to wildlife in need.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Porcupine update

On May 29th I got a call from TWC with a very big surprise. Something amazing and a first for TWC had happened. My porcupine had surprised them with the birth of a wee baby .Everyone so excited. I almost cried with happiness. The fact I got out and checked on that porcupine lying in the center on my lane that night motionless. Been hit and from the looks of it dragged by a car. Her quills scattered all over both lanes for some distance. Not knowing what I was going to find. A gut feeling told me to go and check this poor animal.To find her breathing. To have friends in rehabilitation facilities to call asap. To have a supporting husband and a good friend who didn't mind stopping so I could check. My husband found a big bin and got to us within 10 min. All 3 of us worked together that dark night to get her as gently as we could into that bin and secured her well. She was 7 1/2 months pregnant. But no one had any way of knowing. I call the baby 'Miracle". Because it is truly a miracle. Both mom and babe are very healthy and strong. They are home now and free. I wish them both the best life,safe, and fulfilling.She is an excellent mother and baby so sweet. A big THANK YOU to TWC for all the loving gentile care they gave both mom and babe. Life is good !!!!!

And for all the drivers out there. PLEASE drive slower through wildlife areas, Pay attention to speed limits. They are that for a reason. Spring is baby time ( or baby soon to be ). If for what ever reason you hit something because you couldn't stop. PLEASE. Stop and check it. If it is dead move it off the road as a respect. But please if it is breathing get help asap. No animal deserves or needs to suffer.

July 19th 2016 Porcupine with baby release day

TWC came up on July 19th to do a "soft " release with mom and babe. Because of the baby being born in captivity although in the final outdoor enclosure. So was not handled or bothered . More of a natural surrounding. They built an enclosure for the pair to start out in. Enclosing with a fence with an overhang around a couple trees. One with a big cavity on the ground. Built more of a protected area around that for baby to be safe.  A big den. With a play area for it to exercise on. Pretty amazing. We let them settle after release into the area. And when we returned baby was fast asleep inside the den and mom was standing guard. PERFECT!!

                                                     Breaking up some salt for them.
                                     Putting in guide wires  to keep fence sturdy and safe.
                                                 And the famous mom and babe arrive.
                                          Getting air lifted over the fence with great care.
   Mom came out but baby wasn't to sure. We left them alone for a short period to get settled.
   So cute ,even at this young age the baby knows what to do if it feels uneasy.Watch out for that tail!!
                                              Where is my tree!!  The overhang is working.
                                              Baby is finally coming out to join its mom.
                                      Holding on to a juicy dandelion stem. Loves the leaves.  Welcome home momma porcupine. What an amazing feeling to have been the one who found and saved her that night she had been hit and dragged by a car. Who kindly left her for dead. Compassion is lacking in human beings these days. It makes me sick. She is no small animal and where I found her there was no reason she should have been hit. But doing what I do I know there are more than not out there that really could care a less. For those that do. WAY TO GO. For those that rehabilitate them. THANK YOU. Mom looks amazingly healthy and baby. Well no words can describe!!!

Day 2

Mom in her new favorite tree. Very content. 

                                                  Baby fast asleep curled up in the den.
                                                Surprising me by being awake and eating.

                                        Oh my goodness look at the BIG forest out there. !!!!!
                                 Babe semi hiding in the den while mom eats. Getting settled.

Last day in the enclosure.July 23rd.

On this day July 23rd. Little porcupine graduated with mom to the tree. And after some playtime,she fell asleep near mom. After the initial release were mom guarded baby outside the den. Mom found her tree to sleep in within the enclosure. Always same tree ,same branch. Coming down to feed and be with babe. It was the perfect release. Everything going just the way it was suppose to. 

 I was surprised upon my arrival this day to find both mom and babe awake with babe playing in the trees. I kept my distance as not to disturb them. Using my 150 - 500 lens through a clear spot in the trees and cropping.

 When they both settled in I noticed baby was copying its momma with both right front legs hanging                                          loose in total comfort. Like mother like babe. So cute.

                                     Mom just chillin out in the heat on her favorite branch.

                                        Look at those tiny feet just a hangin on. So amazing.
       A total look of content. Mom looks like she is smiling. She is free. And thanks to TWC very                                                                                  healthy.

2 days after enclosure came down mom was gone and I thought babe was to. But she heard my rustling in the leaves and waddled out from the den. I didn't see her there so with mom gone. Obviously she was tucked in even deeper. I had my 150 - 500 lens with me. I stood very still and said not a word. Baby just waddled around nibbling everything I had put out. What a beautiful little Miracle.When I snuck away she kept eating. But as I got in my car and by the time I got going. I took my binoculars and checked. Baby had gone back to bed. All was quiet again.